from 5 to 8 December 2015
Place Béraudier, in front of Part-Dieu rail station
Fête des Lumières - Lyon

BIBI elephant rouge bidon recyclés
Red Elephant is an art installation in the public space specially designed for the Fête des Lumières by Bibi.
The walker in the Fête des Lumières will immediately recognize the components of this giant totem : indeed, the light object is composed of 592 recycled polyethylene cans.
From its 4,3 meters high, the Babar of thermoplastics is a new visual hallucination.
Yesterday, the world dreamed of pink elephants, nowadays they are red.
Its green eyes call the audience to come and visit him in its new habitat : the big zoo that is the City.
Faithful to the concept that BIBI develops since 1991, Red Elephant is the illustration of the blend of daily plastic objects and Light.
Appropriation, modern urban myth, Red Elephant is a new part in the luminous and contemporary urban bestiary in which are already the Fish Fountain and the Dragon King.
Red Elephant is both a Light Object, a Visual Art installation and a Toy Sculpture.

Agence Tagada