• Enfer plastique BIBI chariot foin bosch
  • Enfer plastique BIBI chariot foin bosch
Installation from « The hay cart » by Jerome Bosch
Love Days – Sète - april 2003

(plastic containers, dolls, fluorescent paint and outdoor shop window)

This year, Christie had organised "Love Days" with a seduction theme and I had taken up the theme of the lovers shared between heaven and hell in Bosch’s hay cart. The lovers are seemingly already in hell in spite of the angels (bleach bottles, dolls and chicken feathers) which sway in their paradise. They try to make the lovers come back to paradise by playing the trumpet but the devils play louder: they have saxophones! At the Beaux Arts Palace in Lille, there is a diptych by Dirk Bouts, representing the fall of the damned and the ascension of the elected: I often went back there when I was living in Lille, to look at the angel’s plumage, the nasty little devils and their bad ways. At the time there were neither submachine guns nor chainsaws but seemingly the devils had imagination.
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