Installation "The Dragon King"
Lights Festival - Dubai, United Arab Emirates - March 2014

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The Dragon King uncoils its gigantic luminous silhouette the Khalifa Tower Lake. Buried for centuries in the basements of the city, or arose from the Persian Gulf, night creature, master of fire, it is back to honor the Dubai Festival of light. This huge luminous toy shaped as a Dragon celebrates the Alliance of Water and Fire. Finally, its two horns and glowing smile give him a supernatural air : that's a nice big Djinn ! The Dragon King is an installation and monumental sculpture measuring 30 meters long and 9 metres tall. It is comprised of inflatable and traffic cones and recycled plastic containers. The lighting that is totally provided by LEDs and low energy light bulbs is extremely bright, very energy efficient and changes according to the Dragon's mood. Figures and symbols march out of the LED mouth display in fast motion.