" Georges, the Dragon Foutain "

Contemporary Path - Fontenay-le-Comte, France
Juily / September 2014

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" Georges ", the Dragon Fountain is a new urban legend.
Georges is the Nordic Jürmungan, the " world snake " which surrounds the earth and is sentenced to drink eternally. Georges the Leviathan of polymers is thirsty, very thirsty, even if it is already drunk and stuffed of all the plastic that it has eaten. Georges is the antonym of the dragon, its triumphant double, a Gaulish carnyx made of polyethylene.
Georges is the monstrous sixth element, the plastic wyvern. Georges is both a fountain, an installation, a sculpture, a machine and an unknown urban object. Georges is a tribute to Nicky de Saint-Phalle's and Jean Tinguely's fountains just as much as Etienne Bossut's installations.

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